A Miami Beach Bribery Probe at The Coral House on 900 Collins Avenue

Coral Rock House in Miami BeachCoral Rock House in Miami Beach

Having to bribe building officials of Miami Beach… No way! It’s so easy to get permits and work completed in Miami (isn’t it?) Well if you’ve experienced the process you’ll know it’s a big problem with Miami Beach FL real estate. A recent story from the Miami Herald told of The Coral House owner bribing three building officials having paid over $110,000 to get his projects expedited. Over the last year, the Coral Rock House owner Michael Stern wore a wire to assist law officers in this public corruption case. The Coral Rock House owner had also paid bribes of a Rolex watch and a Ford Crown Victoria in exchange for advice on how to demolish the Miami Beach landmark at 900 Collins Avenue in Miami Beach. Authorities charged the three officials with bribery and racketeering while Stern was not charged having received immunity from prosecution for the great cooperation.

Stern declined to comment Wednesday. His attorney, Michael R. Band, said his client had paid the three men because “his dealings with inspectors were nightmarish. Basically, if you needed to get your site inspected, you had to pay them,” he said. –MiamiHerald.com

Last year Stern met with a building official to discuss ”the demolition of the Coral Rock House.” When Stern expressed concern about getting city approval, the official told him that ”everything is approvable” but urged Stern not to tell anyone that he was making suggestions on how to tear down the house. As of January Stern and co owner Ivor Rose agreed with preservationists to substantially preserve this historic 1915 house in Miami Beach.

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3 thoughts on “A Miami Beach Bribery Probe at The Coral House on 900 Collins Avenue

  1. January 17, 2009

    I was thinking of buying on Miami Beach, maybe a place that needs fixing up in North Beach, but after all the stories about the corrupt Building Department and that guy in Planning and Zoning and the political games, I think even Broward County with its problems is a safer investment than Miami-Dade County right now. I hope it changes.