Golden Beach Homes Trends & Stats 2010 Q1

Golden Beach Homes in Florida Golden Beach Homes are limited along the ocean & bay, and today’s inventory shows us an excellent selection with 62 homes on the market in this small community ranging from $579k to $27,500,000 while there are only 39 on the water for sale ranging in values from $1.7M & up.

Golden Beach Waterfront Homes

In a review of waterfront homes in Golden Beach, we see 2 homes under contract today ranging from $1.375,555M to $3.2M. We see what appear to be the local market values of Golden Beach peaking in 2007. The average list price per square foot at $1,635 psf, and a selling price per square foot of $1,222. The area boasts the lowest number of days to sell at 297. As of 2009, the average selling price per square foot was only $625 psf. This is a 62% decrease in selling values since the peak and a 41% decrease over 2008!

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Oceanfront Homes Golden Beach

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  • 8 homes are expected to sell in 2010.

I’ll report again on the local Golden Beach real estate market changes in 6 months, so stay posted if you are interested in this premier location… contact me for more information at 1.888.383.7326!

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