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Miami’s Vast Growth | 2019

Here in Miami, we’ve enjoyed our own winning streak of sorts: a flurry of top rankings that indicate the Magic City’s (and the Sunshine State’s) supremacy in a variety of impressive markers. Can we ride this wave all the way to the end zone of metropolitan royalty? Let’s explore in this month’s “South Florida by […]

Q2 Miami Residential Market Report | Condos & Homes

Q2 Miami Residential Condo + Home Market Report We provide an in-depth look at how our markets are performing on a quarterly basis. Second Quarter (vs. Q1) Residential Market Activity Cooled. Miami Beach experienced 45% fewer closed sales, however, inventory levels have a notable decrease along with trends showing an increase in home sale price […]

Luxury Housing Market Snapshot | Ultra-Luxury 1%

Luxury Housing Market Snapshot | Ultra-Luxury 1% Defining Luxury Luxury is defined dynamically using sale prices to track and identify the luxury tier in each market over time. We focus on two luxury tiers — Luxury is defined as the top 5% (95th percentile) as the threshold; the other tier is Ultra-Luxury using the top […]

South Florida’s Domestic & International Demand Report

Domestic & International Residential Housing Demand Report for South Florida These images show a snapshot of the latest demand activity via Realtor.com’s BIG DATA and ideal in pinpointing where our buyer activity is derived from in Miami-Dade, Broward County, and Palm Beach County. With highly-targeted global marketing, this is part of the research data I […]

Just Sold by Ashton Coleman | Morningside Investment Home

Just Sold by Ashton Coleman, P.A. | Morningside Investment Home in Miami, Florida 33137 This was a fantastic investment home built in 1980 and within a tropical South Florida environment like no other. Our client was unaware of the beauty found throughout Morningside but after entering through the guard gate, the wide tree-lined streets were enough […]

Welcome to Miami!

Welcome to Miami! Home to over 407,000 residents. Sexy and seductive, Miami will surely entertain. A melting-pot of awesome culture that has come to define South Florida, an area originally dismissed by developers but not today. Today’s Miami is a capital of travel, commerce, development and self-assertive glamor. A tourist mecca and celebrity playground with lure & luster that leaves […]