Miami Beach Boardwalk Covering Coastline

Miami Beach Boardwalk

The Miami Beach boardwalk will soon extend its walkway North, covering the entire coastline! That’s right, from South Point Park all the way to the open space park in North Beach. With the major draw to Miami being the sand & Atlantic ocean, just a few feet away are the stretches of pedestrian-friendly walkways that include the winding ocean walk in South Beach, the mid-island boardwalk, and now the North Beach area finishing off its six million dollar makeover with the new beach walk.

Miami Beach Boardwalk Completion

By the end of this year, we will have the walkway along the entire coastline of Miami Beach. People can start in South Pointe and walk, run, jog, bike & rollerblade all the way down to North Beaches open space park. Approximately 77+ blocks of entertaining sunshine & exercise are readily available.

We are trying to get all the beach like this so people can start in South Pointe and walk all the way to the end to the open space park in North Beach.” – Miami Beach Mayor Matti Herrera Bower.

This has been 10 years in the making. Local developers like Eric Sheppard have donated funds ($300,000) to make the finished walkway a reality. Sheppard is just finishing up his multi-million dollar Carillon development. Once completed, this will boast the largest fitness spa facility on the East Coast. This new walkway extension will bring a healthy lifestyle to the average Joe.

This is the whole lifeblood of the entire Miami Beach. I call it the Miami Beach connection… this enables us to connect all of Miami Beach through this boardwalk. We’ve invested the money. We hope people invest their time and their brain knowledge to really capitalize and embrace and utilize the health and fitness and utilize this beautiful boardwalk because it’s going to change their life,” said Sheppard.

Miami’s Healthy Attractions

One of the main reasons I was drawn to Miami Beach real estate back in January of 2001 was the fitness-minded people & healthy lifestyle so abundant here. I’ve always been adamant about being surrounded by fitness-minded people. With tropical weather year-round, we do have the ultimate in living the healthy lifestyle so greatly missed by most Americans. Regularly, you’ll find me rollerblading or skateboarding down South Beach’s oceanfront walkway. Now we will soon be able to enjoy the entire coastline with bikers, walkers, runners, and the in-between moving up & down the Miami Beach coastline!

From the bikini beach babes to the Grandpas in black knee-high socks, we not only have America’s Cleanest City (by Forbes) but also the ideal environment for fitness and health, all available for you to enjoy. I continually add to this Miami Beach real estate blog. You can be notified by automatic updates or by RSS feed each time a new posting occurs. Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!

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6 thoughts on “Miami Beach Boardwalk Covering Coastline

  1. Can anyone tell me if the project is going to connect from Allison Park (near 65th St) south to Indian Beach Park (around 47th St)… I tried to bike the new pathway but when I go to around the Bath Club the path stops. Is it really going to connect from South Beach all the way to Surfside by the end of year? Are there plans to fill in the missing 20 blocks from 47th to 65th?


  2. My understanding is yes they are…They are now doing 2 blocks at a time and currently on 22nd street. It’s also a paved surface for smoother riding, jogging, blading! Covering the entire Miami Beach coastline from 5th Street to the 70th Block. What a workout!!

  3. Not so fast…

    I asked for an update from the Miami Beach Mayor’s office on 1/27/2009. Here is the response I received:

    “The City administration has informed me that there is currently no funding for the beach walk south of 64th street to 47th street where the boardwalk begins.”

  4. Mid-beach boardwalk seems to have been neglected by the City after promoting the new park on 75/76th…looks like 42 blocks (5th to 47th) will have to do for now!?

    Thank you Akoya Guy for the input… it’s people like you who deliver the facts.