Up All Night in Miami Beach

Another reason why Miami Beach Real Estate is so sought after… It’s more than just the opportunity to live next to endless white sand beaches, warm, turquoise blue water, and beautiful scenery as far as the eye can see.

(And yes, by beautiful scenery, I mean unbelievably great-looking people wearing the smallest amount of clothing imaginable.)

It‘s more than just for the most amazing nightlife, restaurants, club scene, and people-watching in the US of A.

It‘s more than that. It’s for the CULTURE.

I’m serious. You can stop laughing now.

For those of you who think Miami Beach is all about seeing and being seen, that it’s a city just for the shallow and beautiful, I have reason to beg to differ.

That reason is Sleepless Night.

This November 7, the City of Miami Beach will celebrate what is referred to as “the ultimate cultural all-nighter” – a free extravaganza of the arts lasting from six at night until seven the next morning. There’ll be more than 130 events and 80 different destinations in indoor and outdoor locations across the city.

You can expect to see all kinds of art designed especially to be seen at night – which is bound to be incredibly cool – including animation, digital drawings, interactive films, and more amazing and bizarre stuff you can’t hang on your living room wall. There’ll be more traditional art at indoor locations – maybe even some stuff you CAN hang on your living room wall. Plus, you’ll have to see to believe music, poetry, comedy, acrobatics, and a range of live performances.

Sleepless Night is surely the wild, all-night party only Miami Beach can throw, but it’s not about drinking, dancing, or decadence. Instead, it’s a celebration all about culture with a capital “C.”

One more reason Miami Beach Real Estate remains too hot to cool down!