Art is What You Make It for Sunny Isles Real Estate Developer

Photo by Alexia Fodere

Photo by Alexia Fodere

Say you’ve just purchased a prime piece of Sunny Isles Beach real estate. Now, let’s also say you have a spot in your gorgeous new luxury condo that just cries out for a big piece of art. You know, the kind that makes a real statement about who you are and what you’re all about.

What do you do?

Do you wander down to your local gallery in search of the ideal painting or sculpture to compliment your décor?

Do you perhaps commission a local artist to create something just for you?

You could.

Or you could have your car mounted on your wall.

That’s exactly what Trump Palace resident Gil Dezer, whose company also happened to develop the building, has done.

The thing is, 34-year-old Dezer really, really loves Porches. He owns eight of them. But apparently, his 1950 Porsche Spyder 550 is a lot more fun to look at than it is to drive. In fact, it’s so much fun to look at; he considers it a work of art.

So when he was told his new, 8,000 square foot condo needed a piece of art, Dezer knew he already had just the thing to fit the bill.

Of course, hanging a car on your wall isn’t like hanging any other work of art. You can’t just hammer a couple of nails in and try to balance it on a side-view mirror. And as you might imagine, they don’t make heavy duty picture hooks strong enough to support a motor vehicle – even a two seater!

Luckily, Dezer was already in the right business to get this particular job done. He commissioned a local construction company, Coastal Construction, for the job. And while it took six months of planning, engineering and even a crane, the actual job only took a few hours.

And Dezer now has a Porsche hanging over his front door.

Who knows what might be hiding behind (or over) the doors of Miami’s other luxury condos and homes? We’ll keep you posted…

by Lisa Canfield