The Snowbirds Take Over Miami Beach Real Estate

Thanksgiving has come and gone as the snowbirds take over Miami Beach real estate. Across the United States, trees twinkling with lights and jolly, waving Santas dot the landscape. The days are getting shorter, and the weather is getting colder. It’s difficult not to notice that the Christmas season is in full swing.

Believe it or not, the same is true here in sunny South Florida. Okay, so we may not experience frosty mornings or watch the sun go down at 4pm (not that we would want to!), but we have our own unmistakable sign that the holiday season is here.

I’m talking, of course, about the return of the Snowbirds.

The Snowbirds’ annual migration south is greeted with mixed emotions by those who view their piece of Miami Beach real estate as their primary place of residence.

Miami Beach real estate

Suddenly, the beaches are much more crowded – and often with pasty, pale-looking people with nary a tan line to be found. There may be a wait to get into your favorite nightspot – the same place where you could just wander in on a whim last July. And as for the traffic – it’s like the number of cars on the street suddenly quadruples.

Even for party-happy South Floridians, staying in and ordering a pizza might look like a more viable option than a night on the town.

Snowbirds Make Miami Beach Special

But as once-empty luxury condos and homes in Miami Beach area fill up once again, not everyone is suffering. For local businesses all over town, this season will be jolly – especially since it lasts until next spring. The Snowbirds are what keep our South Florida economy humming. And for that, we all hope that they never face extinction.

So if you happen to be a Snowbird, let me personally welcome you back for another warm and toasty winter enjoying our beaches and nightspots. Who knows? With Aventura real estate and Bal Harbour real estate prices so low – along with the rest of our beautiful beach cities — you might buy in and decide to stay year-round!

by Lisa Canfield

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