Trophy Property Sales from Sunny Isles to South Beach (2009)

Trophy Sales South Beach

Trophy Property Sales from South Beach to Sunny Isles Beach. It’s been amazing to see 199 (733 for sale today) luxury condo sales over $1M for the YTD MLS (Multiple Listing Service) records covering the Miami Dade oceanfront communities of Sunny Isles Beach, Bal Harbour, Surfside, Miami Beach & South Beach. Over $4M, there were 11 sales. For $6M, there were 6, and for $8M, there was 1 luxury condo sale in 2009.

South Beach Luxury Condos

With 871 total YTD 2009 sales, South Beach had 93 closed sales over $1M. South Beach set the area records with high sales at Continuum (PH-1), selling at $9.9M. Il Villaggio (PH 6&7), selling at $7M and Murano at Portofino (3801) selling at $7.450M.

  • Continuum PH-1 – LP$/SF=$2,027 SP$/SF=$1,342, DOM 562, Closed 05/15
  • Il Villaggio PH 6&7 – LP$/SF=$2,438 SP$/SF=$1,228, DOM 107, Closed 02/12
  • Murano at Portofino – LP$/SF=$2,508 SP$/SF=$1,557, DOM 714, Closed 01/21

Bal Harbour Luxury Condos

One Bal Harbour had 16 sales alone over $1M, with a record high for Bal Harbour real estate at $5.2M and The Palace & Bellini right behind, selling at $2.6M & $2.3M, respectively.

Sunny Isles Beach Luxury Condos

With 623 total YTD 2009 sales, Sunny Isles Beach had 49 closed sales over $1M and a record high sale of over $4M, which was Acqualina (PH4506) selling at $4.999M, Trump Palace selling at $2.875M and Turnberry Ocean Colony which sold at $2.1M.

  • Acqualina PH4506 – LP$/SF=$1,231 SP$/SF=$779, DOM 40, Closed 09/02
  • Trump Palace 1009 – LP$/SF=$862 SP$/SF=$710, DOM 106, Closed 07/10
  • Turnberry Ocean Colony 2604 – LP$/SF=$629 SP$/SF=$562, DOM 582, Closed 10/13

Turnberry Ocean Colony I’m continuing to write new posts here on the Miami Beach real estate blog after spending countless hours, days, weeks, and years developing this blog site only to see Google kick it to the SEO curb and for what I don’t know (yet). I’ve been building this real estate information database since November 2007 and thought I’d invest more into it this year, making it “pretty”… well if it’s not broke, don’t try & fix it, folks!

I changed WordPress hosting and hired a developer to give it a facelift; however, with these efforts came an enormous drop in rankings and visitors. This is first a business, second a resource database, and so it has to make sense when countless hours are invested into researching & reporting on our market. I am in it for life and never give up, but I have stalled this last few weeks on adding valuable posts. In contrast, my trusted contributor Lisa Canfield added fun posts related to the seasonal events & happenings of Miami Beach. I’ve been working on the site’s back end for search engine purposes. It should bounce back to the normal reader count soon enough.

Real Estate Services

2010 business goals. I’m creating more sites (details coming soon) and offering value-added services to keep you informed on the local market, focusing more on the luxury condos of Sunny Isles Beach. The new year will bring new real estate services and many more real estate related videos showcasing the very best condos for sale for your information & enjoyment.

I’ll likely be bringing in a buyer’s representative who can efficiently assist the many buyers inquiring about investment condos. It was a banner year for We represented 60% and 40% of sellers. I expect 2010 to be another great year as consumer confidence increases dramatically along our oceanfront market!

If anything you’d like to see me bring to the table real estate related, let me know here. Share your thoughts & knowledge by commenting at any time on any post, and have a great holiday season! 1.888.383.7326