Blood bath in Miami Beach FL real estate & along Sunny Isles Real Estate

Trump Palace 4806 Views SE

Where is the bloodbath in Miami Beach FL and Sunny Isles buyers want to know!? Today’s buyers are now placing frequent offers and soon find that seller’s are only accepting 5 to 10% off the asking prices. What about 30 to 40 cents on the dollar? Where are the foreclosures, bank owned and desperate seller’s the media is portraying along our South East Florida Coast. Well I’m here to tell you that the blood bath has already occurred along the Atlantic, there are properties going under contract and demand is on the rise again. A lot has to do with the winter season, weak dollar, and end users wanting a piece of oceanfront and willing to pay market value. I expect a rebound on Oceanfront by 4th quarter yet a continued lag with new inventory like the new Trump Tower I, II & III and Jade Beach & Jade Ocean. Look for great deals coming up!

In the past 2.5 years property inventory went sky high as speculators took a big step back and the media beat up on S.E. Florida real estate. The mortgage market went south with the subprime crisis as seller’s soon noted the smoke & mirrors that they succumbed to… Prices on average dropped 25% since 4th Q 2005 after a strong 2 years at 29% appreciation. The most recent stats show sale price to list price ratio at 95%! The seller’s (the 1% ile) who are aggressively priced to the market are in fact getting offers with Pending sales on the rise in 2008. Trump Palace 4806 is getting an offer each week. Well it’s a steal at $1.199 with new marble floors going in and now we see the serious offers rising from 29% to now 13% requested off the asking…(it’s in line to sell 1Q at full price)! My forecast is a clear separation between the mainland and the oceanfront as Downtown Miami takes a continued tumble. International buyer’s are taking advantage of oceanfront real estate that softened, the weak dollar and tend to move fast with cash offers. We welcome the loving Canadians and Europeans who look for Florida sunshine and the strengthening Loonie and Euro (now 33% off USD). It’s a strong Buyer’s market in Miami Beach FL real estate and Sunny Isles real estate and those that gamble on the market pay today’s market prices and are in it with a positive 3 year + outlook. Let me know what you think and I appreciate your responses and personal opinions.

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