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Discovering Miami’s Best Neighborhoods

Searching through Miami’s best neighborhood can be challenging for those who’ve spent little time in South Florida. Miami is known for its beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, and rich cultural heritage. The premier neighborhoods in Miami-Dade County offer residents and visitors an exceptional quality of life with properties to match. In this blog post, we’ll explore […]

Miami Luxury Condo Inventory by Location

Miami luxury condos are diverse, with so many opportunities today. With Miami’s ultra-luxury condo inventory abundant, prices are coming down, and incredible deals are being made. I’ve often relayed that buyers have been winning for the past few years and will continue winning throughout the following year. The Reasons Why: Ample new construction; speculators were […]

The Future of Miami’s Top Condos in 2017

The Future of Miami’s Top Condos is most impressive as affluent home buyers today are interested in superb locations offering exclusivity, privacy, safety, first-class amenities, and luxurious lifestyles. These are trophy homes noted in 2017 for the world’s elite. These are hallmark expectations of high-end consumers, and buyers today clearly know what they want from […]

Miami Mice Time Lapse (VIDEO) by LittleBigWorld

Miami Mice Time Lapse by LittleBigWorld A film by Joerg Daiber shot in Downtown Miami and Miami Beach, Florida. Subscribe to the monthly alert for updates on Miami’s best neighborhoods Like Coleman Properties Group on FB Follow AshtonColeman on Instagram for real-estate photo updates Follow AshtonColeman’s Twitter for the latest in South Florida News SnapChat Ashton.Coleman […]